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a peruvian futbol party.

my facebook feed has been cluttered with football updates and countless football parties. well, in case you were wondering if peruvians get into futbol season. the answer to that is an empahtic, “YES!”

my new friend, tino, is the president of the local futbol club team, and invited me to celebrate it’s 43rd anniversary. of course, given that it was a peruvian celebration, you better believe it was over-the-top and no detail was left unnoticed.

typical peruvian party setup. chairs in a circle around the room, with cloth décor.

when my host brother, david, and i arrived there was only loud music, conversation and some eating happening. tino excitedly greeted me, and introduced me to some of his friends. i then spotted a man i knew from the municipality, who at this point was slightly (at-least) inebriated, and he invited me to dance. there was no one else dancing, but to not be a party-pooper i obliged. and it was quite a funny site, as the rest of the room laughed that the gringa dancing with the already intoxicated man, or they were just laughing because a gringa was dancing. this could very well be the case.

after sitting in a circle for a while, we headed outside where there was a live band who covered all the hits. tino was kind enough to dance with me a number of times, especially to “lejos de ti,” my and everyone else’s favorite song. all the chairs were still in a circle, but more people were dancing during all the songs. at this point, another heavily inebriated man asked me to dance, and throughout the entire song repeatedly asked my name and my age. half-way through, i stopped listening to what he was asking and just repeated my name and my age over-and-over again.

the stage and banner.

peruvians know how to party and this one went until 5am. seriously. top this futbol party america.


feliz aniversario.

my ability to really accomplish much last week was a bit thwarted by the anniversary of tucume. there was also a federal holiday was well. there were celebrations for the town throughout the entire week.

including a chess tournament for the kids!

the women’s group that i have been attending, set up free haircuts in the park for the kiddos and elderly.

this man’s face is priceless.

there was a cute procession from all the schools.

the night before the town’s actual anniversary, there was a talent performance the night before. it included cultural dances, local town members sharing their singing skills, and of course, a clown. seriously, peruvians love their clowns.



and of course, no event would be complete without fireworks. the thing i don’t get is that everyone goes to duck and cover and then peeks out to see the fireworks. why do they have to make them so dangerous here?

i was seriously, way too worried about this dog running after the fireworks. my family thought it was strange.

on friday, the actual day of the anniversary. there was a marching competition between all the schools. the army was in attendance to judge, and even performed as the live marching band soundtrack. there was also a mass to begin the anniversary that i attended as well. the unfortunate part is that i forgot my camera this morning. i had an unexpected visitor, which caused me to forget most of my items for the day. womwomwommmmm.

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i did it. on friday, i became a real, true peace corps volunteer. we were lucky enough to have our swearing-in ceremony hosted at the ambassador’s house, which was beautiful and ornate. we all were able to mee the ambassador, as well as the mayor of lima (which is he south american equivalent of meeting the mayor of nyc), as well as other mayors from nearby municipalities. i also got to meet with old pcv’s from the 60’s in which one of them told me about all of the dysentery he experienced during his time in peru. talk about words of wisdom.

overall the ceremony was beautiful. the part wear we stated the oath was really incredible. it made this entire process worth it. saying goodbye to my host mom was the hardest part. it was such a mix of emotions. as well as saying goodbye to the training staff. they were such an important part of my support system here that it was hard to go, but it is because of their support and determination for all of us that i even feel ready to go and concur. so thank you for that.

my host mom and i ready to head to the ambassador’s house.

michelle and i at the training center.

peru 19. our last and first official photo.

we should all be taken very seriously. (and who knew my mouth was that huge???)

we couldn’t bring our camera’s to the ambassador’s house for obvious security reasons, but there was an official photographer there. maybe one day i will receive the pictures from it…after our ceremony, our country director threw peru 19 a welcoming reception at his house. it was fantastic! there was a small fire pit, buffalo chicken wings, anticuchos (beef heart on skewers) and a dance floor. it was a blast!

party time setup.

steven, me and sam.

anticuchos (beef heart) on the grill!

andrea and me.

the lambayeque crew ready to head out!









family party.

just a small part of the decor for the celebration.

the trainees and i threw a family celebration for our families the day before swearing in. we put together a buffet table of food (both peruvian and american) as well as a talent show program and a slide show. about 150 people were in attendance and it took a lot of coordinating but we had a blast. at the end we presented our families with gifts and i was lucky enough to be presented with a gift from my own family. see? i wasn’t lying that i had the best host family ever.

connor modeling traditional arequipa wear for the fashion show.

some other trainees planned a traditional dance from ica.


victor, my mom, me, claudia and norma post party.




feliz dia de claudia.

chocolate tres leches.

my family and i had the pleasure of celebrating claudia’s 18th birthday. it was a delight. all of it was great. however, the party did not start until 9:30 or so. this resulted in a very tired erin. all the family was over. we conversed. we ate some delicious orange chicken and then ate the best cake i have had since being in peru: chocolate tres leches. seriously. heaven on earth in your mouth. happy birthday claudia!!!!


last week i attended my first quiñce celebration. needless to say, it was quite the party. the party was for a friend of my sister, norma. we had a blast, though to be honest, i was far from having my health renewed. the best part was probably having my mom ask me to go dance with my sister, which meant i essentially joined a few dozen 14-year-olds on the dance floor. let’s just say that i showed that middle school dance who’s the boss.

also, it is peruvian quiñce tradition that the birthday girl be presented at midnight…which made this night my latest night out since being in peru…partying late with the sis and mom.

quite the formal setting in a local restaurant.

mi máma y hermana, norma.

the grand entrance.

her first dance…which lasted about 20 minutes and she danced with every male figure in her family. this was followed with additional speeches given by every single male in her extended family.

so much clapping was involved. also, i love that kid on the right’s flock of seagulls hairdo.

mi hermana and sus amigas.

throw your hands up in the air like you just don’t care.

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