feliz aniversario.

my ability to really accomplish much last week was a bit thwarted by the anniversary of tucume. there was also a federal holiday was well. there were celebrations for the town throughout the entire week.

including a chess tournament for the kids!

the women’s group that i have been attending, set up free haircuts in the park for the kiddos and elderly.

this man’s face is priceless.

there was a cute procession from all the schools.

the night before the town’s actual anniversary, there was a talent performance the night before. it included cultural dances, local town members sharing their singing skills, and of course, a clown. seriously, peruvians love their clowns.



and of course, no event would be complete without fireworks. the thing i don’t get is that everyone goes to duck and cover and then peeks out to see the fireworks. why do they have to make them so dangerous here?

i was seriously, way too worried about this dog running after the fireworks. my family thought it was strange.

on friday, the actual day of the anniversary. there was a marching competition between all the schools. the army was in attendance to judge, and even performed as the live marching band soundtrack. there was also a mass to begin the anniversary that i attended as well. the unfortunate part is that i forgot my camera this morning. i had an unexpected visitor, which caused me to forget most of my items for the day. womwomwommmmm.

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