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agua marina…promoting cell phones…

during the feria, there were a number of bailes. four to be exact. the first night was my mom’s favorite band…and probably in my top 5 of favorite cumbia performers…agua marina. so the whole family, myself and my friend ali (a pcv in pimentel) attended the baile. and BOY, did we dance! we danced the night away from 11pm until about 2:30am when it started to pour down rain. we also began to leave right when the dance brawls began. you see, these bailes are just a delight. the band plays, and everyone buys their cajas of cerveza, and drinking, dancing circles form all across the dance floor. i cheered every time they wanted to hear the cheers from the tucumanos and i showed my family just how low i can go. oh, how i hope that one day i can have a visitor from the states when there is a baile in town…it would seriously be the ultimate cultural experience.

ps. my dance skills were the talk of the town, which left everyone asking me every day that followed if i attended the other bailes…which only left them disappointed…because really guys, i am not getting any younger and i had work to do…those crazies, i don’t know how they do it. seriously, peruvians have a knack for marathon partying and dancing and still work the next day. it’s quite incredible really.

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singing our rendition of our favorite peruvian hit, “lejos de ti.”

ps. i will update you more on the happenings…eventually…sorry guys, i am elbow deep in this diagnostic business…

pps. only seven weeks until i get my first visitor…and it will be quite the visitor, indeed!


that’s it. i am fully and unequivocally convinced that karaoke builds culturally bridges that would not be there otherwise. for my branch’s friday night activity last week, we did karaoke. given that i am sole non-peruvian in my branch, and gringa to top that, they downloaded Justin beiber’s “baby, baby” for me to sing.

though, i have heard this song plenty of times in the past, it was the first time i ever sang it aloud, let along by myself at karaoke. the good news is that peruvians love the beib’s, so everyone sang along to the chorus with me…including the branch president. and even through i was far from getting the other parts of the song right, i figured, “who cares? i am the only one who knows what i am saying and that i am getting it all wrong anyways…”

this evening also included my favorite moment thus far in peru. my branch building is in a town called, mochumi, about 5.5k from my town to be exact. it ended at 10, which was a little too late for me to be taking the combi by myself and walking alone on the streets. a member offered to give me a ride home on his mototaxi. as we drove back with the stars clearly lit above us and the blue moon, and i was accompanied by the branch president, three new lady friends, and their kids. the owner of the moto and his wife riding next to him in the front. there was an overwhelming feeling of joy. of untainted, euphoric happiness. it left me in tears.

grupo 5.

talk about boy band mania. these guys are a household name in lambayeque. they were filming a music video, and as a part of it, they were giving a free live show. myself and a group of other volunteers attended, since it was the same day as the federal holiday. it was great to meet new volunteers, as well as reconnect with my fellow 19’ers.

anyways, the music was terrific, and the men in the group were…well…ridiculous. there was so many swooshing hips and gyrating bodies, it was a little too much. however, there was one guy in the group that looked like the peruvian usher.

seriously. you can’t deny it.

the other thing i didn’t get was that the group is called “grupo 5,” but there are 7 guys in the group. anyways, just a mere observation, that will never be explained.

steven, kyle and ali enjoying some grupo 5.



feliz aniversario.

my ability to really accomplish much last week was a bit thwarted by the anniversary of tucume. there was also a federal holiday was well. there were celebrations for the town throughout the entire week.

including a chess tournament for the kids!

the women’s group that i have been attending, set up free haircuts in the park for the kiddos and elderly.

this man’s face is priceless.

there was a cute procession from all the schools.

the night before the town’s actual anniversary, there was a talent performance the night before. it included cultural dances, local town members sharing their singing skills, and of course, a clown. seriously, peruvians love their clowns.



and of course, no event would be complete without fireworks. the thing i don’t get is that everyone goes to duck and cover and then peeks out to see the fireworks. why do they have to make them so dangerous here?

i was seriously, way too worried about this dog running after the fireworks. my family thought it was strange.

on friday, the actual day of the anniversary. there was a marching competition between all the schools. the army was in attendance to judge, and even performed as the live marching band soundtrack. there was also a mass to begin the anniversary that i attended as well. the unfortunate part is that i forgot my camera this morning. i had an unexpected visitor, which caused me to forget most of my items for the day. womwomwommmmm.

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la musica.

i have been loving the music here lately. additionally, i am loving the dance moves here…particularly of my hermanito, victor. the other night, we spent the evening making up crazy dance moves and he totally one-upped me. check out his moves:

pardon my butchering of the spanish language, but i typically talk in weird voices with victor…yeah, i know it’s strange…BUT AWESOME. also, that is me butchering the beat to this totally awesome song:

other songs i have been loving:

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