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just two weeks before i board a plane to dc.

my dad and jill threw a great goodbye for me that included a ton of sweets, chips and salsa, and the color orange. what more could a girl ask for?

bang. bang.

who’s down with npp?!?!

in other pre-departure preparations, i have my language interview scheduled for tuesday. additionally cathans+imri arrive on tuesday, which also happens to be my last day of work. i suppose tuesday is turning into quite the milestone of a day!


this is real. this is happening.

yesterday marked my three week mark. can you believe it?

last week i received my staging information in dc, booked my flight to dc and received my flight itinerary to lima. as the excitement builds the reality of my departure is also setting in. but that is all just a part of this process and i think eludes to the challenges and wonderful experiences ahead!

i had a goodbye lunch at work today (with a week and a half left to go), and i have a goodbye party tomorrow (thanks dad and jill).

fyi. if you witnessed my departure from seattle, i do not do well with goodbyes, but the good news is that i am AMAZING at hellos.

five weeks and counting.

i am lucky to have the overwhelming support of my friends and family members.

my dear friend, cat, over at fox in the pine, dedicated a whole week to peru in support of my impending move. check out some of the posts here!

also, i would like to note that i have ordered all my gear, and every time i come home it’s like christmas with a new box awaiting to be opened!

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