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my entire life condensed into four bags for the next 27 months.

can you believe it? the time has arrived. i have gone around saying too many goodbyes…which of course only means more tears. the truth of the matter is that i am much sadder than i realized i would be. BUT i also realize that it means it was a time well spent here in texas with incredible people and those meaningful relationships. and it’s thanks to those relationships that i feel even more prepared to serve and am excited for the adventures that await!

so there you have it. my life has somehow been condensed into four bags. i don’t know how. i don’t even know if it will all make it there, but i am trying. and to be quite honest, i don’t even know what’s packed anymore…so it will be quite the surprise for me when i get to unpack! tomorrow morning i leave bright and early for DC where i will spend my day in orientation meetings followed by an evening in georgetown. until then…i just need to get on a plane…HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOO!


yesterday marked just one week left until i go. you may be wondering how one spends their last week in the states…

well, my seattle extended family (read: hans+cat+imri) arrived and we have been visiting my favorite watering holes throughout the state. i figured since i am bypassing summer, i would fit it into a week. that means tubing down the comal, hiking to hamilton pool and swimming at barton springs. of course this will include some amazing chips and salsa and bbq. more of these last few days pre-adventure will be documented on my personal blog.

in the midst of all the adventure, the reality of saying goodbye has begun, and though it is just a “see you later” to many, it is the end to a chapter in my life. the ending of chapters in one’s life is always difficult, but nothing can beat the excitement of beginning a new one.

i am just the luckiest girl in the world to have her best friends in town to help end/begin all that is to come.

get ready pcv’s and peru…here i come (in one week)!


just two weeks before i board a plane to dc.

my dad and jill threw a great goodbye for me that included a ton of sweets, chips and salsa, and the color orange. what more could a girl ask for?

bang. bang.

who’s down with npp?!?!

in other pre-departure preparations, i have my language interview scheduled for tuesday. additionally cathans+imri arrive on tuesday, which also happens to be my last day of work. i suppose tuesday is turning into quite the milestone of a day!


this is real. this is happening.

yesterday marked my three week mark. can you believe it?

last week i received my staging information in dc, booked my flight to dc and received my flight itinerary to lima. as the excitement builds the reality of my departure is also setting in. but that is all just a part of this process and i think eludes to the challenges and wonderful experiences ahead!

i had a goodbye lunch at work today (with a week and a half left to go), and i have a goodbye party tomorrow (thanks dad and jill).

fyi. if you witnessed my departure from seattle, i do not do well with goodbyes, but the good news is that i am AMAZING at hellos.

five weeks and counting.

i am lucky to have the overwhelming support of my friends and family members.

my dear friend, cat, over at fox in the pine, dedicated a whole week to peru in support of my impending move. check out some of the posts here!

also, i would like to note that i have ordered all my gear, and every time i come home it’s like christmas with a new box awaiting to be opened!

what it is.

as most of you know by now, this website is dedicated to my experiences that i garner through my time in the peace corps. what some of you probably don’t know is how the peace corps works or what the application process is like.

i most recently listened to a terrific podcast on the matter, and though they cut out about half of what the volunteers go through in the application process, it does give an idea of how the program works and how it is changing.

i would like to note that this podcast is done by the guys over at “how stuff works,” and is not a mouthpiece for the peace corps, but only gives their interpretations of how the program works. it also re-attests the answer that so many volunteers hear so often when asking questions about what experiences they are to expect: “it depends.”

you can listen to the podcast here.


welcome! and thank you for joining me on this incredible journey that i am about to embark on. though, if you ask me, it’s already begun…back in december to be exact, when i finally received my assignment.

for those of you not familiar, this process has taken much longer than anticipated. the average application process is between 12-18 months, which by the time i depart will have taken that much time. however, it was originally only going to be a 3-4 month turnaround, but there was hiccup with the usps and my medical work. somehow, though my documents were addressed to dc, they magically ended up spending about 3 weeks in indiana. needless to say it was an eventful few weeks, and the local post master got to know me more than s/he ever cared to.

when all was said and done and my paperwork arrived, i pondered further about the commitment i was ready to embark on and having missed my slated departure timeline, i decided that i needed some additional time with my family before leaving, so i delayed for a spring departure….which now leads us to my june departure for peru!

when i received the notification (thanksgiving week to be exact) that my invitation had been mailed, i spent the next two weeks anxiously awaiting the arrival of my postman daily. fyi, he arrives around 5:15pm everyday. but who’s keeping track, right?

the evening it arrived, i received a voicemail from my dad stating the ups man dropped off a hefty little box from dc. i raced home…the moment that i have been waiting for finally arrived. a part of me didn’t want to open the envelope. i wasn’t sure if i was ready to start this next chapter in the journey. i quickly came to senses when i arrived home.

i put my dear ones (hans, cat & imri) on conference call from seattle and had my dad sit across from me at the table. as i opened my box, i found another blue document box inside. placed directly at the front was a letter from my placement officer. as i read it, my voice got more high-pitched and louder. in fact, i am positive it went like this, “you are invited to serve in the country of peeerrUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” i am not even exaggerating. i am also positive there was jumping and dancing in my kitchen…by me…

it must be noted that i had been crossing my fingers for the previous month or so for placement in peru. i was put in touch with a current volunteer there, who had been more than helpful during this entire application process and he had nothing but positive remarks about his country and the pc program therein. however, i also recognized that i could have been placed anywhere in the world, so i was relieved and ecstatic to learn that i would be heading to peru.

and so it began. sending in my visa and peace corps passport information. surviving my yellow fever vaccination. creating my wish list (hint, hint) to help me budget prior to my departure. getting the deep clean by my dentist. and here i am, with just 57 days left before i go. but really. who’s keeping count, right?

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