yesterday marked just one week left until i go. you may be wondering how one spends their last week in the states…

well, my seattle extended family (read: hans+cat+imri) arrived and we have been visiting my favorite watering holes throughout the state. i figured since i am bypassing summer, i would fit it into a week. that means tubing down the comal, hiking to hamilton pool and swimming at barton springs. of course this will include some amazing chips and salsa and bbq. more of these last few days pre-adventure will be documented on my personal blog.

in the midst of all the adventure, the reality of saying goodbye has begun, and though it is just a “see you later” to many, it is the end to a chapter in my life. the ending of chapters in one’s life is always difficult, but nothing can beat the excitement of beginning a new one.

i am just the luckiest girl in the world to have her best friends in town to help end/begin all that is to come.

get ready pcv’s and peru…here i come (in one week)!

2 thoughts on “one.

  1. Brianna Dance says:

    YOU…are going to be awesome. Wishing you the best Erin, and thank you for inspiring me in so many ways! 🙂 I look forward to updates on the blog-o-sphere with your adventures in the southern hemisphere.

    Heart you hardcore!!
    ❤ Bri Dream 9000

  2. Cat says:

    Thank you for being an amazing tour guide and an amazing everything else. I am so excited for you.

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