my entire life condensed into four bags for the next 27 months.

can you believe it? the time has arrived. i have gone around saying too many goodbyes…which of course only means more tears. the truth of the matter is that i am much sadder than i realized i would be. BUT i also realize that it means it was a time well spent here in texas with incredible people and those meaningful relationships. and it’s thanks to those relationships that i feel even more prepared to serve and am excited for the adventures that await!

so there you have it. my life has somehow been condensed into four bags. i don’t know how. i don’t even know if it will all make it there, but i am trying. and to be quite honest, i don’t even know what’s packed anymore…so it will be quite the surprise for me when i get to unpack! tomorrow morning i leave bright and early for DC where i will spend my day in orientation meetings followed by an evening in georgetown. until then…i just need to get on a plane…HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOO!

2 thoughts on “zero.

  1. Andrea says:

    no words..your bags are pretty awesome though.

  2. Cat and Fox says:

    I want to know how much of that is nail polish…

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