snail mail

i know, i know. you are all wondering how in the world do i mail something erin leigh? what in the world could she possibly need as she works feverishly in peru? now you know.

to contact her via snail mail:

Erin Leigh Chapman
Cuerpo de Paz

Casilla Postal #208
SERPOST Chiclayo
Lambayeque – PERU
South America

also, please note that it is very, very important to include the “cuerpo de paz” portion, as the likelihood of the mail to get “lost” without the association would increase significantly. also, please keep all packages 2.5 pounds or less, otherwise they will be forever stuck in customs and i will never see the delightful treats you have sent me. and as a final note, please be sure to never claim hygienic products, used clothing or electrical items and to always claim all items as very low to nothing in value. thank you!!!

and after all of that, if you STILL want to mail me something and make my heart melt, here are some suggestions (the items in bold are items that i have a real need for:

  • peanut butter (it doesn’t exist here)
  • nail polish remover pads
  • clear nail polish
  • school supplies (markers, stickers, crafty stuff…)
  • american candy (sour patch kids, starbursts, etc…)
  • chips and salsa
  • diet dr. pepper
  • cheez-its or goldfish. i am craving those salty treats! 
  • mio water drops: fruit punch, blueberry lemonade, lemonade; crystal light water drops: strawberry lemonade
  • this handy scratch-off world travel map!

yes. please.

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