la musica.

i have been loving the music here lately. additionally, i am loving the dance moves here…particularly of my hermanito, victor. the other night, we spent the evening making up crazy dance moves and he totally one-upped me. check out his moves:

pardon my butchering of the spanish language, but i typically talk in weird voices with victor…yeah, i know it’s strange…BUT AWESOME. also, that is me butchering the beat to this totally awesome song:

other songs i have been loving:

4 thoughts on “la musica.

  1. ohmigosh. your little bro is soooooooooooo great.

  2. alicialh says:

    ohmigosh. your little bro is soooooooooooooo great. his legs!

  3. Cat and Fox says:

    I too am loving the music. The slow-mo cartwheel and the outfits in Watchiturros are amazing.
    Do they have a thing for blondes (referencing Calle 13)? Maybe you should dye your hair…

yes. please.

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