this past weekend was my last weekend to myself for a couple of weekends. next saturday, we have a day of training in lima, and then we all hop onto different busses and head to different parts of the country for the week for field based training. so, after finishing a morning of hand-washing my clothing i opted to get out and explore. i have been really wanting to check out the mercado of chosica. mike and i headed out around lunch time, and you know, for it being such a large city, we ran into plenty of volunteers.

jesse, kyle and mike enjoying lunch.

the boys momentarily before entering the mercado with the lovely view of chosica behind them.

kyle and mike at the market.

the boys working their way through.

another market in the town…well these are the roofs of the other market…let’s just say that this market had the same smell as my grandpa’s pigeon barns. yum.

this country loves its statues.

we ventured to the town’s statue of jesus.

jesse and i.

not pictured:

  • my amazing new plaid, linen aladdin pants. i am seriously going to wear these suckers everyday…so i suppose they will be included in future pictures.
  • mike and i being stopped couple of times today to pose in other people’s pictures. ha.
  • i found a karaoke place that opened at 6 pm. mike and i walked in, and in his broken spanish mike said “i am going to drink a lot and she will sing a lot.” and then i straight up did back-to-back journey numbers in a completely packed bar of peruvians. back bends and all. i had others join me in my dancing, high-fives and declarations of love from other patrons. so if all else fails when i get to site, i will start a karaoke place or find one and build bridges from there. back up plan formed.

but really today was a blast. i got to do what i love. karaoke, baby.

2 thoughts on “CHOSICA PART DOS.

  1. Kat says:

    holy crap – i just realized i have still NEVER done karaoke with you!!!!

  2. Dad says:

    Love it! [Special Request] Do “My Way” for me please.

yes. please.

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