a little different than the fnl in texas, but it was a nice relaxing evening last night. it was just a really busy and stressful week. we had our second school presentations, our youth clubs started, we had the independence day celebration, and our 4th week language interviews. needless to say, i welcomed friday with open arms.

after training, a big group of us headed to a local park where many played basketball, a few of us tossed the frisbee, and everyone just hung out and enjoyed not having training for a few days.

basketball crew.

brad and anel are always ready for their picture to be taken.

me, mike and andrea holding down the fort. also look closely and one of these things is not like the other…

a helpful hint. apparently, this week proved to be extra exhausting for sam.

One thought on “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

  1. Brianna Dance says:

    Keep up the good work girl. You’re doing great things.

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