the event’s announcement.

i suppose a delayed announcement to my readers would be that a couple of weeks ago, i was nominated and elected president of my training class. don’t worry, it does not entail planning a ten-year training class reunion, but rather organizing activities for the class. for instance the cuatro de julio celebration.

if you know me at all, you know that my all-time favorite holiday is the 4th of july. i was a bit sad that i was going to miss this year in the states, especially the fireworks. last year, mike and i attended four days straight of fireworks…i seriously mean business when it comes to independence day, but do not fret, this year turned out to be plenty of fun.

in the morning hours, the language facilitators at the training center organized a “peace corps olympics.” it was quite fun and included traditional field day games.

the orange team doesn’t mess around (cw: kathleen (our training program director), nico, kyle, tekala, chris, starla, emily, me, mandy y alyson).

nico, starla and emily getting ready for business.


some competition on the black team: jenny (a language facilitator), tyler and mike.

nico and chris showing how it’s done…

watch out. (also best photo bomb shout out to brad)

nico betting on which box the cuy will run into. this is a traditional peruvian betting/party game called “cuy loco.” you try to scare;/yell at the cuy into a box and if it is the box you bet on, you get the prize that was on that box…and some dinero.

kallan and robert showing what happens when water balloon fights go too far…

team orange got the gold. seriously though, should you be surprised?

after the friendly competition, the juntos directivos and i planned a bbq and community vegetarian potluck. there was also a neighborhood soccer tournament, and music aplenty that only included all-american artists. this has been the first day since we have all met in DC that we have had time to just relax and have fun with one another. it proved to be much needed and just a blast. there was also an impromptu dance party. i may be biased, but we are a pretty rockin’ solid group of trainees, soon-to-be volunteers.

our training director, kathleen donated an all-american chocolate cake to the celebration…yum!

soccer practice.

michelle, jessica and starla enjoying their afternoon.


3 thoughts on “CUATRO DE JULIO.

  1. Monika (mom) says:

    Is that a guinea pig in the circle of boxes? It looks as if you guys are having a lot of fun. The water balloon marks look like hearts.

  2. Brianna Dance says:

    HAPPY 4TH OF JULY ERIN!!! We celebrated in Texas with fireworks for you.

  3. Jill says:

    Team ORANGE. Nice touch.

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