this past week i had another teaching practicum, where i taught another class…on my own…for 45 minutes…might i also mention that i was still sick from the week before and was without a voice. in order to explain to the students why they not only could not understand me because of my poor pronunciation, but also because i, literally did not have a voice, i prepared a story for them to read aloud. it proved to be quite the success and the students loved it.

each papalote has a new part of the story…be impressed by my drawing skills…

for our activities, i had us have a “hammer or nail” ice breaker to recognize both the differences and strengths amongst their classmates, and then followed it with a silhouette self-esteem activity.

beginning the first discussion.

listening to their classmates’ answers.

handing out the materials needed for the silhouette activity.

typically, peruvian students do not have any sort of arts program in their schools. and the peruvian education system does not promote creativity, but rather order and efficiency. needless to say, the students were quite excited that i was giving them a chance to be creative and draw during their class time. they got really into it, and it was difficult to tell them that the time was up, but their drawings were quite impressive, and they were able to fill in their current knowledge, skills and values, and additionally adding their aspirations and dreams at the end.

sharing his silhouette.

the class with their posters.

One thought on “TEACHING PART DOS.

  1. Monika (mom) says:

    Wow, I am so impressed!!!! You have a great talent. These kids will probably always remember this lesson. How does it feel to make a difference in a kids life?? 🙂

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