family time at norkey’s!

yesterday, my family and i made a special outing to chosica for lunch. we got pollo a la brasa at a peruvian chain, norkey’s. honestly, it was fantastic. in fact, the food left for full for the rest of the night. while there, there were some clowns performing (peruvians love their clowns). in the background, i could hear them announcing that their clown friend “chooky” was going to join them…come to find out that what they were trying to say was “chuckie.” you know, from the horror film franchise that never ends? anyways, they had “chooky” (a kid in a clown costume wearing a “chuckie” mask) going around the restaurant handing out balloons to all the kids. surprisingly, i was the only person in the restaurant bothered by this…my family got a kick out of it though.


the best part was when they had chooky dance to los watchitorros (please see my la musica. post). i am telling you, they love that song here.

3 thoughts on “chooky.

  1. Cat and Fox says:

    Chuckie + clowns = my worst nightmare!
    I guess the hip hop dancing and balloons makes it kid friendly?

  2. Kat says:

    that is really creepy.

  3. Little Brother says:

    That is really one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen…do they know who Chucky really is?

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