yesterday, i had my third teaching practicum. i went to my host sister’s school. let’s just say the ease and comfort that i experienced during my last practicum quickly disappeared. it was a great experience, and honestly, compared to what i have heard other trainees had, my kids were angels. i had a lesson on planning for their future, and how it is important to develop a strong self-esteem and recognize your strengths.

honestly, yesterday was probably day that is a little more realistic to what i will experience in site. part of my work during training, includes the development of a youth group. when i talked to the director last week, he said to start my group today during an assigned class period in the evening for students. i was pumped, because it meant i was going to have a guaranteed group of students to work with. when i arrived at the scheduled time so that i could talk to the teacher before i began, i was greeted with a flood of students leaving the school grounds. apparently, the students were let go early today for teacher meeting. while inquiring about the changes, i began talking to a teacher who then asked our help with teaching the professors correct english pronunciation and starting classes for that. we struck a deal that we would help them with their pronunciation if they promote our clubs to their classes for us. an agreement was made.

on our way home, we stopped by the local post to see if we could use the facility for our future youth groups, while talking to the president, we learned that in order to have a youth group in our neighborhood we need to make a formal officio (read: government document) to submit to him, and then he will talk to his socios and hopefully gather the youth of my barrio for the group. hopefully this all works, and though multiple wrenches have been thrown in what began as such a simple plan and idea, i am glad that i am experiencing them. it is all a part of learning how the system works down here, and is giving me practice at talking to people on all levels in the community and how to submit formal documents that will need to do once i arrive in site. however, at the end of the day, i also find it incredibly comical.

One thought on “TEACHING PART TRES.

  1. Monika (mom) says:

    I am so glad you have been so successful with the kids. It just takes one lesson sometimes to make a lifelong difference in a kid’s life. I know you will have a great impact on the choices a lot of kids make in the future.

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