agua marina…promoting cell phones…

during the feria, there were a number of bailes. four to be exact. the first night was my mom’s favorite band…and probably in my top 5 of favorite cumbia performers…agua marina. so the whole family, myself and my friend ali (a pcv in pimentel) attended the baile. and BOY, did we dance! we danced the night away from 11pm until about 2:30am when it started to pour down rain. we also began to leave right when the dance brawls began. you see, these bailes are just a delight. the band plays, and everyone buys their cajas of cerveza, and drinking, dancing circles form all across the dance floor. i cheered every time they wanted to hear the cheers from the tucumanos and i showed my family just how low i can go. oh, how i hope that one day i can have a visitor from the states when there is a baile in town…it would seriously be the ultimate cultural experience.

ps. my dance skills were the talk of the town, which left everyone asking me every day that followed if i attended the other bailes…which only left them disappointed…because really guys, i am not getting any younger and i had work to do…those crazies, i don’t know how they do it. seriously, peruvians have a knack for marathon partying and dancing and still work the next day. it’s quite incredible really.

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