clean bill of health.


not really.

you know, there are a lot things you just get used to while in service. number one, being that your stomach is never normal, and getting sick is like brushing your teeth. it’s a (almost) daily habit…that might be true for both things…but GUYS sometimes we have days without water…okay?

infected eye picture.

infected eye picture.

so along with my normal ailments, i have recently discovered a nice little bump on my eye hanging out next to my pupil. though it hasn’t obstructed my view, and honestly, i am not too worried about it. i did finally breakdown and call the doctors. they quickly made me an appointment at the approved health clinic in chiclayo. however, you need to remember that i am still in peru so even the best clinics are…well…i mean i am in peru. with that, i showed up, and was told that they do not have an appointment, so i told my doctors…they were just as confused as me, and so i am rescheduled for today. honestly, i am hoping to just some extra strong eye drops. there’s a ton of dust and dirt around town and i feel like i should honestly be wearing safety goggles everywhere i go…so i am sure it is a result from the dust in my eye.

dying in my bed.

with the failed visit to the clinic, i am positive that i contracted some other ailment, which resulted in me waking up the next day with a pretty bad throat infection. luckily, with the peace corps, if i am sick, i can actually allow my body to recover. so after my morning meetings, i listened to my body, that was in a lot of pain and just exhausted, and went home to rest. ate lunch with my family, and then was asleep at 2:30pm…only to be awoken for meals, i did not fully wake up again until 1:30pm the next day.

doing what i do best.

doing what i do best.

honestly, that sleep was the best thing that could have happened for my body. i spent saturday afternoon in bed, and still took it easy most of sunday, but on sunday my energy levels were back up and yesterday i really got busy with work. however, i still have some small symptoms, some congestion but not nearly as bad as all the other times i found myself with the gripe…so you know what? i’ll take it. and today i return back to the clinic for my next eye appointment. fingers crossed it happens!

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