my friend, doris, who happens to be one of my socios at the health post, took me out to a couple of the caserios in tucume: tucume viejo and las rayas. the district of tucume has a little less than 21,000 people living in it, with about 17,000 in tucume proper, and the other 4,000 in the caserios, which are the more campo (rural) parts of town.

we first went to tucume viejo to visit the health post there.



walking through the chakra.

the chakra.

while the obstetrician showed us around her post, we happened upon one of the first spanish colonial churches. it amazes me how much history is in peru, and yet it is just left to the wilderness.



we then traveled to las rayas. there we visited the health post, and visited the primeria school there. they were lucky enough to have a computer lab, with laptops provided by the an ngo “laptop for every kid.” the school was quite proud of this receipt, which they should be.

this caserio is nestled right behind the museum.

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