a peruvian futbol party.

my facebook feed has been cluttered with football updates and countless football parties. well, in case you were wondering if peruvians get into futbol season. the answer to that is an empahtic, “YES!”

my new friend, tino, is the president of the local futbol club team, and invited me to celebrate it’s 43rd anniversary. of course, given that it was a peruvian celebration, you better believe it was over-the-top and no detail was left unnoticed.

typical peruvian party setup. chairs in a circle around the room, with cloth décor.

when my host brother, david, and i arrived there was only loud music, conversation and some eating happening. tino excitedly greeted me, and introduced me to some of his friends. i then spotted a man i knew from the municipality, who at this point was slightly (at-least) inebriated, and he invited me to dance. there was no one else dancing, but to not be a party-pooper i obliged. and it was quite a funny site, as the rest of the room laughed that the gringa dancing with the already intoxicated man, or they were just laughing because a gringa was dancing. this could very well be the case.

after sitting in a circle for a while, we headed outside where there was a live band who covered all the hits. tino was kind enough to dance with me a number of times, especially to “lejos de ti,” my and everyone else’s favorite song. all the chairs were still in a circle, but more people were dancing during all the songs. at this point, another heavily inebriated man asked me to dance, and throughout the entire song repeatedly asked my name and my age. half-way through, i stopped listening to what he was asking and just repeated my name and my age over-and-over again.

the stage and banner.

peruvians know how to party and this one went until 5am. seriously. top this futbol party america.


One thought on “a peruvian futbol party.

  1. Cat and Fox says:

    You are always the life of the party Erin!

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