my town has been all about the parties lately. the day after the football party, the main church in my town celebrated the anniversary (or half-anniversary) of their virgin saint. at least that is what i think it was. the night before and saturday night, there was a procession where the virgin saint was carried throughout the town.

the procession even continued onto the panamerican, which really held up tons of traffic, as it is the only main highway this far north. and the street was blocked for at least 45 minutes. needless to say i am sure all the vehicles were thrilled.

the beginning of endless traffic.

the procession was lead by a number of traditional dancing kids. through their song and dance they were telling a story where good conquers evil…i am sure david gave me a more detailed explanation, but that was all that i understood. typical.

one of the kiddos dancing.

and of course, it would not be a peruvian celebration without fireworks! check this guy out!

david told me that they have another celebration for this saint in february, but it’s much bigger, with more people and way more fireworks. honestly, i don’t even know if that is possible.

yes. please.

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