anticuchos waiting to be grilled.

fact. i love anticuchos (beef heart). a lot. however, every single time i eat them, i never fail to get incredibly sick. you would think this would stop me, but somehow i always forget about the whole getting sick part when i eat them.

the ladies group i help out with in town, asked me to help them with their fundraiser where they were selling anticuchos to raise money to buy christmas gifts for underprivileged youth in town. of course, i agreed. and of course, while selling them, i ate them. it was another busy night in my town as a cumbia band, agua marina, was their performing to close out the weekend of festivities in town.

first customers!

these were by far the best anticuchos i have had. anticuchos are a common street food. think nyc and their hot dog stands, and that is peru with their anticuchos. even though i ate my fair share, i still sold plenty, and hopefully some cute kids will have at least a tiny christmas.

so busy!

yes. please.

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