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i did it. on friday, i became a real, true peace corps volunteer. we were lucky enough to have our swearing-in ceremony hosted at the ambassador’s house, which was beautiful and ornate. we all were able to mee the ambassador, as well as the mayor of lima (which is he south american equivalent of meeting the mayor of nyc), as well as other mayors from nearby┬ámunicipalities. i also got to meet with old pcv’s from the 60’s in which one of them told me about all of the┬ádysentery┬áhe experienced during his time in peru. talk about words of wisdom.

overall the ceremony was beautiful. the part wear we stated the oath was really incredible. it made this entire process worth it. saying goodbye to my host mom was the hardest part. it was such a mix of emotions. as well as saying goodbye to the training staff. they were such an important part of my support system here that it was hard to go, but it is because of their support and determination for all of us that i even feel ready to go and concur. so thank you for that.

my host mom and i ready to head to the ambassador’s house.

michelle and i at the training center.

peru 19. our last and first official photo.

we should all be taken very seriously. (and who knew my mouth was that huge???)

we couldn’t bring our camera’s to the ambassador’s house for obvious security reasons, but there was an official photographer there. maybe one day i will receive the pictures from it…after our ceremony, our country director threw peru 19 a welcoming reception at his house. it was fantastic! there was a small fire pit, buffalo chicken wings, anticuchos (beef heart on skewers) and a dance floor. it was a blast!

party time setup.

steven, me and sam.

anticuchos (beef heart) on the grill!

andrea and me.

the lambayeque crew ready to head out!









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