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training (thus far).

as mentioned earlier. training has been full of nonstop information. monday i received three shots: hepititus a, typhoid fever and rabies. my arm was sore for the following two days. we also learned about the stomach problems that we may experience here in peru…in particularly “peruing your pants.” it is exactly what you think it is, and to answer your question, no, i have not peru’ed my pants…yet…and i am really hoping that it will be never. so far one girl has had a close call, but that’s about all i have heard thus far. you know it’s interesting, though we, as volunteers, just met, everyone seems to have no hesitation in discussing their bowel movements (or the lack thereof).

on a completely different note, we also learned a lot about safety and security, cultural norms, peruvian history and the school system in peru. we also spent the afternoon discussing std’s and using a condom. we then had to practice applying condoms…and even had a condom race. so i guess there is a first for everything, and the information will be extremely useful of when i teach sex-ed and health classes.

this upcoming wednesday, i will have to teach a class on self-esteem…in spanish…we will see how that goes…

home (for now).

right now, i am in the department of lima and living in the city of chaclacyo and the zone of hauscaran.

el parque de la ciudad de chaclacayo

the training center for the peace corps is located in the department of lima, but the city it is actually located in is chacalcayo. it is in an old house that they converted for our use. it’s quite beautiful, and located in a neighborhood with houses just as nice. i go to the same tienda everyday to get my coke zero from the gloria and her husband (at least in chaclacayo….there is no diet coke or coke zero to be found….i know, i had the same panic attack you are experiencing right now).


the other day my friend, kg, and i found a bakery and even ordered our own slice of chocolate cake. i was proud of myself. we even asked about cultural norms in regards to gratuity. as my host mom says, “un poco, un poco.” and it really has been that. however, everyday is just as grueling as the first so by the end of the day…that slice of chocolate cake was heaven…

my host family.

on sunday i met my host family.

mi mama: nelly

mi papa: virgilio (it still takes me about a full minute to get that name out of my mouth)

mi hermanas: claudia y norma; 17 and 14 respectively

mi hermano: victor; 8

they are just a delight. my mom is super patient and helps me with my spanish. and i shared my nail polish with my sisters. and victor likes to tease me. so pretty much, i feel right at home.


the view from the retreat site.

though we did not get ino our rooms until 2:30 am, we still had an 8 am breakfast call. followed by a full day of meetings, which orientated us with the staff and the peace corps peru program. it´s amazing how extensive the program here is. it has made me just as excited to be a part of such a prestigious peace corps country, though it will also be quite demanding.

the auditorium, where i spent my saturday.

the highlight was receiving my bracelet from the medical officer, it is a green & orange woven bracelet with alpacas on it, which is supposed to bring me good luck while i am here. i can only hope it will help me get better at spanish faster.

the flight(s).


friday began early. we checked out of the hotel by 5:30 and did not arrive to our final destination for the evening until 2 am. we were stuck on the miami tarmac for three hours before taking off. and of course, waiting for luggage for 48 volunteers takes quite some time. we got to go through the diplomat line for immigration and even was given the open entry for customs. whew. otherwise we probably could have added on a few hours. as can be seen above, i was quite exhausted.

the good news though? I MADE IT TO PERU!

taking the lead.


i was nominated as my travel group’s leader. it sounds much more regal than it really is. i essentially corralled a group of volunteers at 5:30 am. the good news is that i only had to make one wakeup call.


my entire life condensed into four bags for the next 27 months.

can you believe it? the time has arrived. i have gone around saying too many goodbyes…which of course only means more tears. the truth of the matter is that i am much sadder than i realized i would be. BUT i also realize that it means it was a time well spent here in texas with incredible people and those meaningful relationships. and it’s thanks to those relationships that i feel even more prepared to serve and am excited for the adventures that await!

so there you have it. my life has somehow been condensed into four bags. i don’t know how. i don’t even know if it will all make it there, but i am trying. and to be quite honest, i don’t even know what’s packed anymore…so it will be quite the surprise for me when i get to unpack! tomorrow morning i leave bright and early for DC where i will spend my day in orientation meetings followed by an evening in georgetown. until then…i just need to get on a plane…HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOO!


yesterday marked just one week left until i go. you may be wondering how one spends their last week in the states…

well, my seattle extended family (read: hans+cat+imri) arrived and we have been visiting my favorite watering holes throughout the state. i figured since i am bypassing summer, i would fit it into a week. that means tubing down the comal, hiking to hamilton pool and swimming at barton springs. of course this will include some amazing chips and salsa and bbq. more of these last few days pre-adventure will be documented on my personal blog.

in the midst of all the adventure, the reality of saying goodbye has begun, and though it is just a “see you later” to many, it is the end to a chapter in my life. the ending of chapters in one’s life is always difficult, but nothing can beat the excitement of beginning a new one.

i am just the luckiest girl in the world to have her best friends in town to help end/begin all that is to come.

get ready pcv’s and peru…here i come (in one week)!

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