training (thus far).

as mentioned earlier. training has been full of nonstop information. monday i received three shots: hepititus a, typhoid fever and rabies. my arm was sore for the following two days. we also learned about the stomach problems that we may experience here in peru…in particularly “peruing your pants.” it is exactly what you think it is, and to answer your question, no, i have not peru’ed my pants…yet…and i am really hoping that it will be never. so far one girl has had a close call, but that’s about all i have heard thus far. you know it’s interesting, though we, as volunteers, just met, everyone seems to have no hesitation in discussing their bowel movements (or the lack thereof).

on a completely different note, we also learned a lot about safety and security, cultural norms, peruvian history and the school system in peru. we also spent the afternoon discussing std’s and using a condom. we then had to practice applying condoms…and even had a condom race. so i guess there is a first for everything, and the information will be extremely useful of when i teach sex-ed and health classes.

this upcoming wednesday, i will have to teach a class on self-esteem…in spanish…we will see how that goes…

4 thoughts on “training (thus far).

  1. Monika (mom) says:

    I am glad you are safe and have a family to be with. I am sure you will be a great example to your new sister and brothers. Love you lots!!! mom

  2. Cat and Fox says:

    You will do great in your talk! And, if you forget a word, just say the word in English and add “o” to the end. You will either get the word correct, or get a good laugh out of the audience. Keep positive-o! 🙂

  3. Cat and Fox says:

    Will you announce when you have Peru-ed your pants? Just wondering…

  4. Little Brother says:

    How do you say “Peru-ing your pants” in Spanish?

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