my new neighbor(s).


i came home from a busy first day and was getting some fruit from the kitchen, when i heard a very loud “gobble” from the back porch. i then opened the back door and saw that we had acquired two turkeys. as imri can attest, i have the best luck with turkeys, so i have opted to maintain my space and not a ride a bike close to them.

the window above the turkey is the window to my room.

apparently, they are for my host sister’s wedding in october. until then, i have these guys hanging out right outside my window. if you are wondering if there is anytime during the day that they don’t gobble, it is when there is no sun. unfortunately in this case, there is a lot sun and they wake me up at 6 am everyday. so if you really want to mail me something worthwhile and that would me make me the happiest girl in the world, some ear plugs would be GREATLY appreciated. until then, i will continue to put on my headphones, which are not as comfy.



One thought on “my new neighbor(s).

  1. John says:

    Me thinks the reason that the turkey continues to gobble continuously is that it’s not happy with that string tied to it’s leg. I know I would be (and so would you!). I’m also pretty sure he knows his end day is coming…..just had to get that out there. Love ya, Dad.

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