head start.

tuesday, i decided to head out to the health post and to the colegio to introduce myself. little did i know what i was getting myself into. i have some great socios at both. i explained the aspects that i needed to complete in my community diagnostic to the director of the colegio, and he was ready for me to come back that afternoon and do my presentation, which i then quickly negotiated for next week.

i met with the head doctor, obstetricians and nurses at the health post and felt incredibly comfortable with them, which is great to have confienza with socios early on. though, they asked me to do a charla on self-esteem this week at a colegio. needles to say, they will have no qualms in helping me keep busy, but also they are wanting to learn more about non-formal education techniques, which is really encouraging. to share with them a new approach to education is a great opportunity, and a great early win.

me, jenny and doris with jenny’s most recent poster for the health post.

though i have enough to already keep me busy, i still have typical early-peace corps experiences, like sitting and waiting for three and half hours at the municipality to see my socio who said he would only be about 15 minutes. luckily, i have a really interesting book i am reading right now. and i plan to do the same while i wait to see the mayor in the morning as well. but i am grateful of the time at the municipality and it gave me an opportunity to talk and get to know more people who work there.

yes. please.

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