get it?!?! peace corps?!?!? (not apologizing for this).

yesterday was my first charla, and i decided to look official and sported my new polo with my peace corps patch. i was pretty stoked for it.

i also had a little extra time this morning and taught myself how to french braid part of my hair back into a side bun. honestly, this was quite a feat for me. normally i lack in the refined motor skills area…who knows…maybe i will learn how to use chopsticks by the end of this???

also, it got down to about 60 degrees today, which means it is FREEZING here. i actually took a coat out of my winter storage bag. and because i rekindled my love for photo booth today, here are my vain catalog poses:

sorry guys. it’s just not everyday that i get ready and feel photogenic. ohhhhh peace corps…


yes. please.

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