this past saturday, my language class traveled to lima for the day…in particular, we explored miraflores and the centre del lima. i only got to experience just a microcosm of lima…i guess i will have to go back…oh darn.

cat, i found a church that housed stray cats aplenty.

la iglesia de miraflores.

rebel skaters…hell yeah.

el parque kennedy in miraflores.

i found a popeye’s in lima…who knew…

language learners.

la plaza del arms.

kg y yo.

i just really liked the old man.

changing of the guard at the palace.

the sun finally decided to come out.

inside the peruvian museum of literature.

this statue apparent was not important enough to include in the mercado.

see you again soon, lima.

2 thoughts on “lima.

  1. kat says:

    ahhhh!!! i love seeing all your pics of Lima and thinking, hey i’ve been there! glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Cat and Fox says:

    Will you bring me back a kijjy?

yes. please.

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