things to mail me.

i am positive that as you have read my previous blog posts you have been wondering, “wow, it sure does look like erin is having a blast, but i am sure that she is need of some items, but i wonder what those are…” well, don’t you fret, i am here to furnish you an entire list of items that my heart and my cravings yearn for…

  • peanut butter (though, if you send it to me it is best to send in the individual servings packs)
  • nail polish remover (my sister and i paint our nails once a week…)
  • listerene total care mouth wash (that stuff will kill any germ in your mouth…and if i buy it here it will totally kill my pocket book)
  • anti-bacterial gel
  • american anything…candy…chips, whatever. i. want. it.

it is important to note that my address is listed in the “about” section on my blog. and also that it is best to send everything in a no bigger than 1.1 lb padded envelop, and it is best to claim everything you send me to be worth almost nothing and to claim it to be paperwork, or something along those lines…otherwise customs may keep it and i may have to travel a long distance and then pay to get it out…if they haven’t already “lost” it. somehow the peruvian post has made the usps look better…who knew that was possible…

2 thoughts on “things to mail me.

  1. Cat and Fox says:

    Can I fax you over some queso?

yes. please.

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