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a brief interruption.

honestly. i have so much that i want to post and share about. in fact. i am a bit behind, by about a couple of weeks. sorry. i am going to get there this weekend. by golly. anyways, i am interrupting the natural flow of posts, as i wanted to take a moment to remember an important man in my life. i was hesitant to post about this, but part of this blog is to share the ups and downs of my peace corps experience.

today is the first day where i truly long for home. today i found out that one of my closest confidants and friends and family members and the best partner in crime a person could ever ask for passed away.

grandpa and gran.

growing up i spent a number of summers with my grandparents, and while my gran would send me to quilting day camp, my grandpa would let me help in his pigeon barns. he would sit down and play gin rummy with him in the night time, and because of the one time i tried to switch the cards when i was 5, i have forever been taunted with the idea that i like to “cheat” when i play games. anytime there has been a family affair, he has been my neighbor, my partner in crime. he patiently tried to teach me the texas two-step time and time again, but i have two left feet. he helped instill my love for bingo and my love for adventure. he had a kind and open heart. and his love story with my gran is not one to ever forget.

the pair above is part of the reason why i had the audacity to ever even think about the peace corps. their love for adventure is contagious, and their hard work to ensure that they reach their goals is inspirational. both born and raised in texas, they made a point in the past 20 years to travel the world, and my grandpa was hiking on mountains in alaska just 4 short years ago. they are half the reason i returned to texas this past year before leaving for peru. they are half he reason why i am who i am today. they helped create a world for me where anything is possible. and while right now, i am really sad. and all i really want to do is curl up in my own bed in the united states right now, i know my grandpa would not have it. but a girl can still wish, right?

anyways. i am mourning the lost of loved one that has held a strong place and influence in my life. all i can do is hope that i can fully continue to share his love with others. grandpa. i miss you. gran. i love you.

things to mail me.

i am positive that as you have read my previous blog posts you have been wondering, “wow, it sure does look like erin is having a blast, but i am sure that she is need of some items, but i wonder what those are…” well, don’t you fret, i am here to furnish you an entire list of items that my heart and my cravings yearn for…

  • peanut butter (though, if you send it to me it is best to send in the individual servings packs)
  • nail polish remover (my sister and i paint our nails once a week…)
  • listerene total care mouth wash (that stuff will kill any germ in your mouth…and if i buy it here it will totally kill my pocket book)
  • anti-bacterial gel
  • american anything…candy…chips, whatever. i. want. it.

it is important to note that my address is listed in the “about” section on my blog. and also that it is best to send everything in a no bigger than 1.1 lb padded envelop, and it is best to claim everything you send me to be worth almost nothing and to claim it to be paperwork, or something along those lines…otherwise customs may keep it and i may have to travel a long distance and then pay to get it out…if they haven’t already “lost” it. somehow the peruvian post has made the usps look better…who knew that was possible…

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