saved by the bell.

IMG_3821lately, a part of my day time has been spent in the classroom with all the 3rd grade high school students. i am working with all 6 classes of 3rd grade, during their hours of tutoria. tutoria is an hour during the school day, devoted to helping the students develop a sense of self: self-esteem, future planning, etc. i have been working with the teachers and health center on carrying out the “pasos adelante” program with all 6 classes. at the end of the 3 month course, we will select 3-4 students from each class who have demonstrated the most amount of interest and work throughout the course, and form a group of youth health promoters for their school. they will then replicate the classes for other classes in their colegio and work with the health center on doing health promotion events (e.g. international youth day, world aids day, etc.).

each class, we have a discussion part, where we discuss what was discussed the week before, and how it applies to the next discussion topic. we then do an introductory activity, which normally allows the students to move throughout the classroom. after, we do an applicable discussion and how to apply the activity to the theme and other parts of their life and why it’s relevant. both the students and the teachers have demonstrated a great deal of interest in the program. though, with only 40 minutes for each class, it is definitely step-by-step, but it’s great to make sure that the kids are grasping the concepts, as most of this is the first time the students have been presented with the ideas of: why self-esteem is important, why it’s important to understand how to make decisions, what are the key differences between sex and gender. also, it’s been great to get to know many of these kids in a classroom setting, and has solidified my working relationship with the teachers at the colegio.



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