approximately 6 months ago, i raised my right hand and swore-in as a peace corps volunteer. at the time, i only had a slight idea of what was to come, as we are always told “it depends.” and my goodness is that true. when i think about all the things these last 6 months have brought, and all the emotions and frustrations it brought as well, BUT i can say that it has been worth it.

my site is in the desert. you will not find my department featured on a brochure for peru. but it is the REAL peru. and even though i have been brought to tears a couple of times (out of frustration and happiness), i have an INCREDIBLE site with INCREDIBLE people. just seeing small changes in the lives of others has already made it worth it. and you learn that even the smallest things sometimes go the longest way.

how poetic that today my socio at the muni, who is one of my kindest socios but not the easiest to work with, paused our conversation this morning to tell me how much better my spanish is. of course, he emphasized how terrible my spanish was when i first got to site, BUT to hear that i have made great improvements sent me over the moon. or that my socia at the health post is so excited about our plans to work together this year, and how lucky she feels to be able to have a cultural exchange with me and share ideas. those moments remind me why i am here and doing what i am doing. and the filler moments of dancing marinera in my house with samia or dancing the night away at birthday parties, those are the times that i will forever hold in my heart.

so, i am officially 1/4 of the way done with my service. i can’t believe it. the time has flown by, which makes me a little nervous, because i still feel like i have so much to do. i now truly understand why our service is at least 2 years. there is no way that sustainable projects can be achieved in a shorter time frame. also, to celebrate i am going to FINALLY get to do my world map…it has only been 5 months in the making…and finally, i am excited and anxious about what the next 18 months have to bring and have ZERO idea of what comes after the fact…but i am grateful for this time that i have right now to learn about myself…the good and the bad and hopefully make me better and help me become the person i dream of becoming. FINGERS CROSSED!

so thanks for everyone. for reading. for being a great support system. and all of the above. six months could not have happened without you.

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