what is a week end?

this weekend is not pictured, but too much happened and i am not sure where my camera was.

friday morning/early afternoon was the campeonata. i came home to my mom telling me it was tino’s, our friend, birthday…and that we were already late. so i quickly changed and rinsed my face and off we went, where i danced for 4 hours straight and ate food that i was not even hungry for. seriously, i am making some great headway on getting a peruvian gut. ha. then i topped off the night with a meeting with the youth leadership/dance group i mentioned earlier. needless to say i was asleep by 10pm due to exhaustion and didn’t awake until 8am.

i think packed a day bag and headed to pimentel, where ali and i began our tefl course together, lunched and then i caught some FANTASTIC boogie board waves. you guys. i LOVE to boogie board. then i spent my saturday night with an artisan friend, at the artisan’s new store, where i helped her merchandise and prep their products for the store opening.

now, here it is sunday morning, and i am still without energy. can somebody let me know if they find it?

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One thought on “what is a week end?

  1. Cat and Fox says:

    Granny stole it.

yes. please.

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