(almost) all done.

one presentation and 35 pages written in spanish later my community diagnostic is done…well almost…i still have to edit the said 35 pages and present my diagnostic to my community. but the bulk of it is done, i feel like i have my liberty again. i don’t feel guilty for updating my blog instead of working on my diagnostic. and i feel like a free woman who no longer has to divide her days or stay holed-up in her room feverishly entering encuestas and typing away. so anyways. this was a long way to say that iiiiiiiiiiiii’m baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

so much has happened. so there is a slew of posts. buckle in and hold tight. xoxox.

One thought on “(almost) all done.

  1. Cat and Fox says:

    Yay! We are glad you are back. 😉

yes. please.

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