mi rama.

this is my branch after playing a riveting game of musical chairs. and that’s how i spend my friday nights.

so i guess as brief filler information, i have been called as the young women’s president in my branch. this means i work with the girls between the ages of 12-18…all two of them. i plan an activity for the girls during the week, and on sunday do a lesson for all youth program aged kids…in total there are 3…yes, that means there is only one guy. i had my first activity last week with them, and in peruvian fashion it started 40 minutes late. also, somehow my activity for the ladies turned into an activity for the youth, so the two i was planning for expanded to ten more kids. (not complaining). good thing my activity was more of an ice breaker activity where they had to get oreo’s from their foreheads into their mouths without using their hands. i think they enjoyed it…

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One thought on “mi rama.

  1. Dad says:

    Love it, Erin! Too funny and cute. Love ya, Dad

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