living quarters.

finally. i finished painting and organizing my room. see?

this is the entrance to my room. (yawn).

this is on the same gray wall in the above picture. some clothes, and i use cut-in-half used water jugs to organize my items. to the right, i have my permanent water jug, which i fill right now with water that i buy in town, but once i figure out how to install my water filter i will just be able to drink from the tap. also next to my water bin is my mercado bag, and, of course, my trusty peace corps med kit.

i think this is more than obvious. i decided to save some money and not buy a blanket and just my sleeping bag as a comforter, since soon it will be too hot to even use a sheet. also the red and green bins below my bed are my laundry bins, as in the bins i do my laundry in. that’s right, i can do my laundry by hand now (be impressed).

i painted the hooks to match the paint in my room. (nerd alert).

desk/work area and my other organizer case.

there you have it. it only took four weeks, but i thought i would finally get around to unpacking and setting in…you know stay for a while.

One thought on “living quarters.

  1. gran says:

    love your pictures and journal…please continure….love ya loads..gran

yes. please.

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