my church building.

when i was taking my first combi to site, my combi drove by the building i would be attending church in. actually, when it drove by they were putting up the church sign that day, which explains why i couldn’t find it during my site visit. anyways, the following week i ran into the missionaries who were tracting in tucume that day, and asked them what time church was at…3 pm…needless to say, i was less than enthralled about the time.

that following sunday, i came to realize the time was perfect for me, because after all, what do i have going on that i need to be done with church so early in the day? that and i was able to get a lot small house chores done, as i try to give space to my family on saturdays to complete their chores without getting in their way.

i then boarded my combi to arrive to my new branch for the next two years. i entered into the chapel through a door about half my size in height. it is a brand new branch, only 7 months old. i believe that there are a total of 25 people on record, but there was only 16-17 people at church, including the missionaries and the kids. it is the complete opposite of any ward i have ever known, but i think it will be the perfect fit for me.

due to the size, there’s only 2 hours of church services, and due to the fact that most people at church are either very new members within the last 2 years or visitors, the second hour is solely a gospel principles class. the sacrament meeting was the exact same structure, which will leave me to wonder how long until i have to give my first talk or even how many talks am i going to have to give? i say that, only because i am positive that it is a quick rotation.

though the ward might be small in number, just during that one sunday, there was so much love filling the chapel. it truly is a little family that really looks out for one another, and the love that the members have for the gospel is so strong and unwavering. to be frank, a branch this size and new is a perfect for me, because it is such a nice breath of fresh air. i get to concentrate and reaffirm my testimony in the gospel essentials and not have it be convoluted with so many outside/inside politics by members and the church. i consider myself lucky with this. and hopefully, i don’t take it for granted.

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