while painting my room yesterday (this will be a poco a poco process, yesterday was my base coat day…!!!), my brother watched soccer game after soccer game. i took it as a good spanish lesson time for me, and also decided that in order for a soccer broadcaster to get their job, i think they need to be able to shout “goooooooooooaaaaaaallllllllllllll” for at least 60 seconds. i am not even exaggerating this one.

in other news. i received a great surprise yesterday. my host family has purchased a washing machine, which made my doing laundry so much easier. i still do my delicates by hand, but everything else is in the machine…though truthfully, it is way more complicated for me to figure out on my own. sad but real truth. it also took me about 2 minutes before i could remember that the device is called a washing machine in english. i guess that is some kind of progress, right?

yes. please.

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