french toast.

french toast with churimoya syrup.

a couple of weeks ago, i decided that i would try to make an american dish for my family. understanding that we have two very different tastes, i opted for a sweet one, as peruvians love sweets. i made cinnamon french toast. they do not sell syrup here, so i was going to make a banana one, but my family does not like bananas. so i was going to try to make a strawberry one, but all the markets were out of strawberries, so i decided to just go local (as this should have been my first choice…oh well…). i made it with churimoya, which is a very, very sweet fruit. honestly, i can only usually take a couple of bites it’s that sweet, but it went nicely with the food.

however, i am also not used to the cooking style here, and the lack of utensils made it quite a challenge for me, so much so that my host mom came to save the day. so much for making breakfast for them…but the bright side, is that now she knows how to make it for the family in the future!

2 thoughts on “french toast.

  1. Cat and Fox says:

    Yum! Way to go Erin!
    If there is passion fruit there, you should make passion fruit mousse. They make it a lot in Brasil and it is delicious. Here is a recipe I just found online:

  2. Rachel says:

    French toast is my favorite breakfast food. Next, of course, to French crepes. 🙂

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