an unrelated note.

but entirely related to me at this moment. i am going to miss my current host family so much. i know that i will see them again when i visit with mike in december, but they have been so patient and supportive. i missed them even while i was just gone for a week at fbt. i received delightful facebook messages from my sister, norma, which only made my heart grow fonder.

i love this picture of my mom.

i have the best host mom, who not only exhibited patience, but also a nurturing hand when i had the world’s worst sinus infection and when i was most recently sick to my stomach. she also waits up for me when i am out late, and watches me walk down the street when i leave for training in the morning. she readily gives her living space for me to have haphazard youth group meetings, and even buys inca kola as a refreshment for the kids. she knows that i have a love for palta and reminds me each week that they are available at the market.

mi mama y yo (i feel/look so tall next to her).

needless to say, i have the world’s best host family. seriously, there is no beating them. it’s not possible.


victor y yo.

One thought on “an unrelated note.

  1. Monika (mom) says:

    I am glad you have someone there who loves you and wants to make sure you are safe. I am sure you will miss her.

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