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i think this is the point where i put a shameless plug for my amazing water filter. after my mid-service med-checks last week, i can officially announce that i am parasite free. that means i have made it 15 months of service sans parasite! which doesn’t explain everything else, but it does mean that my water filter is amazingly resilient…even after it had been cracked due to a couple of fateful falls onto concrete floor.

anyways. if you are looking for an amazing water filter, that will last forever…that’s the one!

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no shame.

normally when i open a 2.5 liter bottle of cielo water, i get a little annoyed that they always overfill it and it spills on me/the floor. tonight, as would be expected, when i opened my bottle, it spilled on my shorts, but between the the water and the nice breeze from the fan, i couldn’t complain about the water on my shorts. in fact, my body temperature probably dropped a few degrees with this nice added coolness. at what point is it socially unacceptable to start wearing wet clothes regularly as a form of self-air conditioning? just curious…a friend of mine wants to know…

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