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festi danza.

one of the great things about my vu programs is that it has allowed me the opportunity to get to know more people in the community and build confianza and friendship with them. some of my environment group participates in a young adult leadership/dance group in town, which i have now started to attend and hope to plan some future projects with them as well. this group also planned a performance and big “festi-danza” during the feria, which included regional dances from all over peru, and it was QUITE the show!





IMG_2925the last picture was something that made me feel uncomfortable as an american, but does not have the same tone here in peru. yes, they are in blackface, however, in this circumstance they are demonstrating a dance from the sierra, which honors a famous saint who happened to also be black.


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(tony) danza.

but really, who’s the boss? thank you community for answering this question for all of us. (i refuse to spoil the show for you).

anyways, the feria has started here in tucume. this month it is of the “purisma concepción.” my town has been talking to me about since i arrived in site in august. hundreds upon hundreds, if not more, are piling themselves in my small town. many are traveling from lima. family that has long moved away returns for this week.

the parque is bustling!

the parque is bustling!

to get the week (more like 2 weeks) started, i attended a danza de los diablicos competition. the history of this form of dance is quite interesting. it’s a traditional dance dating back to the 17th century conveying how the spaniards would try to trick the natives into joining the catholic religion by hiding in the pyramids and coming out at night dressed as the devil. now with the dance, it’s a tucumano folklore to express their world under colonialism, and how the colonists used fear instead of love for conversion.

the promenade of the contestants.

the promenade of the contestants.

i just love how they replaced the "2" with the "3."

i just love how they replaced the “2” with the “3.”

stayed tuned…a number of other cultural events will be happening over the next couple of weeks that have to do with this feria!

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