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el señor de sipan.

my friend/socio doris, invited me to her house on sunday. i made the voyage to chiclayo and then her family and i piled into their van and drove out to sipan for the day. now, mind you, that was my first time in a privately owned vehicle in more than 3 months. it was quite a different feeling to not be sharing my transport with 20 other people.

in sipan, we visited the ancient burial grounds of moche leaders. sipan is famous for it’s untouched tombs and mummies. it was awesome. and really, it was such a great day to spend with my socio and her family.

the museum.


everyone looking at the mummy of el señor de sipan.

doris (third from the left) and her family.


on our way to see the burial grounds.

the excavation site.

inside the excavation.

a tomb.

pottery in abundance was found in the tombs.

the view from sipan.

while traveling back, we drove through a lot of smaller sites in between. doris’ brother-in-law made an even extra point to drive through zaña for me. there they have a number of historic spanish colonial church ruins as well. the amazing part, is that they were normally on people’s land, and so now they just have crops planted around the ruins.

the citizens of the town built their own footbridge to cross the river, since this was not going to be provided by the government.

the entrance to the footbridge.

we then had a VERY late lunch at probably one of the nicest places i have been to since being in peru. it almost reminded me a bit of a country club. the seating was outside, there was a fancy/modern interior, a very appealing pool, and even a cute wombat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the scenery.



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