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we always need a celebration.

that’s it. i am convinced that tucume loves a party…but really where in peru (or better yet, the world) does not? anyways, my town acquired two new dump trucks and motorcycles, and we celebrated it.

a very riveting presentation.

after the presentation, they had a procession of all the vehicles owned by the municipality, which proved to be quite an impressive collection.

the procession headed down my street. the yellow building on the left is my house. and you can see my host sister looking out the window.

can tucume build it? you better believe it.

the crowd exponentially increased with the procession, and they were eager to see the new dump trucks.

along with the increase in crowd, came a number of traditional dance performances and clowns…including mickey and pooh! and later on in the day there was a live band with, of course, TONS of dancing.

samia loves mickey and pooh. so did what any good auntie would do, i went home to fetch her to come meet them. it was too cute. she got all dressed in her sunday dress and shoes, and we excitedly walked to the park. however, she reacted the way most 4-year-olds would react when meeting you favorite cartoon characters…with tears full of fears. fail on my part. it’s like when you take a small child to see santa…some things are best left to their imagination. but can’t the same thing be said about adults as well?

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