my lambaysexy ladies (+zack) at camp alma.

my lambaysexy ladies (+zack) at camp alma.

friends are always a necessity. they are always important. and my time in peru has proven to me how important that truly is. i read on a blog once that we as volunteers receive, “government issued friends.” in some ways, that is true, as we are all here due to our government-made assignments, but at the same time, i relate to my friends on a deeper level, and our friendship transcends the idea of “government issued.” the bonds that have been formed through laughing so hard our sides hurt, or calling each other on days where you feel like you can’t make it another day living in a foreign land, or painting our nails over friday night skype sessions (what else would be doing on a friday night in site at 9pm?), these bonds are unbreakable. they are permanent.

my favorite 19er ladies.

my favorite 19er ladies.

we also have the incredible opportunity to explore a foreign country together, and forge our way into integrating into a culture that just a year or more ago, we had zero insight on. we bond over the challenges of creating a home and community in a developing country. we also help build each other and give each other strength when it’s needed. we also can provide each other the biggest laughs, and even find the mundane to have it’s own sense of humor.

not a day goes by where i don't talk to this girl.

not a day goes by where i don’t talk to this girl.

it’s our different backgrounds that bring us together, and it’s those things that we share in common that continuously builds our bond. i cherish my ladies nights that include ribs and 3o rock, nights filled with painting our nails, supporting each other’s projects, and just listening to each other’s days. being in the peace corps, has transformed my idea of what it really means to be a friend.

ladies night!

ladies night!

without my (girl)friends, i don’t know what i would do. i have truly been lucky in the people i have met and the “government issued” friends that i have near me. without the laughs and hugs from these ladies, and their always eager ears to listen, this experience would be infinitely more difficult. instead, we are able to help each other laugh, and rediscover our goofy side in those moments where it is most needed. and without them, i wouldn’t have a shoulder to cry on when i need it the most. and i wouldn’t have the best cheerleaders to help me carry on when i need it the most. i am lucky to have a group where we are not just friends, but we actively work to continue to bring the best out of each other and help each other achieve their goals. and that’s incredible.

the best.

the best.

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