the peruvian way.

ready for the feria.

ready for the feria.

ali and phil came over to see the feria in my town, and it was so crowded that the only way we were able to stick together was making a peruvian chain. here, when youth or family members are walking down the street, either the arms are clasped by the elbows, or it is more common for one of the friends/family members to have a hand simply resting on your shoulder. it is also a sign of affection and confianza with the friend. it should also be noted that this is especially done by youth of all ages, both sexes, and knows no gender norms. it’s pretty awesome if you ask me. i might have to bring this trend back to the states.

bonus picture! how about those dulces?!?!?!

bonus picture! how about those dulces?!?!?!

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One thought on “the peruvian way.

  1. Cat and Fox says:

    Yes, let’s do it.

yes. please.

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