a brief note.

hello all. just a brief note and break from the previous “musings & ramblings.” i am quite delighted that i wrote the last post, because just as how this is the case with everything else in my life, when i start to outwardly state one thing, the opposite begins to occur.

i filled in a little of the free time with boogie boarding and swimming at a nearby pool with my family. but all of my other hours have been fairly full. between church, young women, vacacciones utiles prep, and the upcoming ferria, i have been quite busy. it’s been a delight. so much so that friday night resulted in my going to sleep at 9:30pm…however, i did have a solid night’s sleep that night…which is a rarity now. unfortunately with this heat, i find myself waking up in the middle of the night dehydrated and also needing to go to the bathroom because of the 1/2 liter of water i drank before going to sleep. i intend to FINALLY breakdown and buy a fan. i found a nice, tall one for only 50 soles. unfortunately i failed to bring my market bag this week. next week though…NEXT WEEK!

in other unrelated news: i attended a regional conference about job fair offerings and services which will be great for when i do put together a job fair for my town in the future…it also included swag bags with a t-shirt and awesome pen (obvs, it’s all about the little things here). also, i found a restaurant with a/c and salads! yesterday i dined on tacos and celebrated a friend’s birthday with her family, and attended a small business opening of another volunteer.

so i have found quite that work/life balance in site. however, tomorrow is my first day of my VU programs…and i think this is when the balance starts leaning toward the work side.! but i am more than excited. this one is my environment group with the museum. so there is a lot of hiking and recycling and recycling art projects. WOOHOO!

with that. it is time to catch a taxi. return to a land of limited speed internet. zero breeze. and lots of sweat. and i now bid you all adieu.


ps. yesterday, i drank 4.5 liters of water…and i still felt dehydrated…what is it with this heat??!?!

One thought on “a brief note.

  1. Cat and Fox says:

    Is the heat worse than Texas?

yes. please.

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