wedding bells.

last week my host sister, angelica (who i met just days before the wedding), got married! her and jorge had a delightful religious ceremony in the main church in the plaza. then we went to a reception hall for an all night party. i ended up coming home around 2 am, which was way earlier than the 5 am arrival for the rest of my family. the next day was followed by another all day/night party with the extended family. over all it was great. a lot of dancing and a lot of food. i am still full from last week/the wedding from last night.

samia sandwiches making sandwiches.

my host sisters (jenny, angelica and karen) with jorge and samia.

i got squeezed into a photo as well.

the newly weds ready to get this party started.

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One thought on “wedding bells.

  1. Cat and Fox says:

    Beautiful girls! Samia is adorable!

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