you win some. you lose some.

win: your combi driver gave you curbside service to the serpost today. saving you 2 soles (1.50 if you feel like haggling) in moto taxi fair.

lose: the same combi driver (who is missing half of his teeth) creepily harassing you, so you lie about not having a phone and just write down his number. oh, he also charges you S/. 1.50 instead of just S/. 1.

win: little kid at the park excitedly screams, “GRIIIIIINGGGGAAAAAAA.” because it’s cute win a 3-year-old does it.

lose: 2 creepy older men sitting in the same park, wave their hands in the air and are cat-calling you.

win: there are also plenty of moto taxis in your town to drive you where ever your heart desires.

lose: because you are white, they all think you want to go to the museum. seriously, one month of walking by them everyday and they are still asking, “museo! gringa, museo?” seriously, you don’t recognize me yet? there are not a lot gringas in town.

it’s good that all of these things make me laugh. both the good and the bad. because otherwise, it wouldn’t be peace corps.

yes. please.

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