students working on their surveys.

this week, i was able to start working on my diagnostic with the students. the school is letting me into all of their 28 turorias to do my diagnostic. i prepared a VERY thorough survey for the students to get a better understanding of them, as well as have some fairly-concrete statistics to present to my community. if time permits during the class, i also have them perform a FODA (SWOT) analysis of their community and school, a seasonal calendar or a community map.

there is a total of 6 colegios in my community, with only one public one. i have decided to focus my diagnostic on the one public school, as it includes kids from all over the district, and there are about 120 kids in each grade level, which can provide pretty solid numbers.

i hope to do similar sessions with different demographics in my community: the municipality, important community leaders i have met and their associates, vaso de leche and the health post.

here’s to hoping the pace keeps up!

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